Future joins The Weeknd on “Double Fantasy”


Fans of The Weeknd will soon have the opportunity to watch the star’s new HBO show, titled, “The Idol.” The show stars The Weeknd in the role of Tedros, Lily-Rose Depp, and a self-help guru, Jocelyn, Tedros’ love interest. Hank Azaria, Mike Dean, Moses Sumney, Troye Sivan, Eli Roth, and others will be featured as supporting actors.

We are pleased to present The Weeknd and his long-time collaborator Future with a new song, “Double Fantasy,” the lead track from the forthcoming soundtrack to the series. The genre-bending track is co-produced by the XO vocalist Dean and Metro Boomin and is full of sexual innuendos and hedonistic themes from the XO world.

“The Weeknd and Depp also have a matching visual to accompany their song, which provides us with a glimpse of their chemistry as they perform the song onscreen. As the story progresses, the two spend intimate time alone and enjoy dancing together at a party while they are swept up in the throws of lus.t Unfortunately, Future is not included in the short video clip.

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, The Weeknd explained what the soundtrack will be like and what to expect.

“I’ve been inspired by films such as The Wall and Purple Rain, Bowie when he was doing it, but even films such as Shaft,” he said. “ In my opinion, the music of the movie tells the whole story of the film without a doubt. Taking it to the next level would be the next step I would like to take in order to accomplish my goals. It is my primary goal, as a musician, to challenge myself, and I feel as if I am at my best when I am challenging myself. As a musician, I believe I am at my best ever. In spite of that, I have ADD. That is not all I can concentrate on right now. Basically, it was like, “How can I throw a wrench into this system? ”