Lucky Ozzy explains the pain in his eyes


Everyone is born with different circumstances, disabilities, trials, and talents in life. Life doesn’t provide a survival handbook, and unforeseen events happen to everyone. Some people are born with three strikes in life and still are required to rise like a phoenix. Pain has no friends, and it doesn’t discriminate against who it impacts.   

Navigating through life’s dangerous landmines is not created equal for everyone. Fighting a broken justice system, systemic racism, born illnesses, police corruption, and economic suppression is a daily battle for the masses. Black and brown people are affected, impacted, and imprisoned at the highest level. Lucky Ozzy is a natural-born visionary and narrates the pain of America’s inner cities.   

Lucky Ozzy’s latest visual release, ‘Pain in These Eyes’, raised the bar in Hip-Hop.  

Major Recording Artist Lucky Ozzy delivers poetic justice with his latest visual masterpiece ‘Pain in These Eyes.’ Lucky Ozzy’s lyrics illuminate America’s adversities, pain, consequences, and bias. Lucky Ozzy’s meticulous wordplay and ultra-passionate delivery provide a ray of light for youth culture. Lucky Ozzy’s journey in music is well documented. His latest visual inspiration provides aspiration for Generation Z hustlers.