Atlanta Family Demands Transparency Following Elderly Man’s Fatal Police Encounter


Photo by Michał Jakubowski on Unsplash

On a Thursday, late in August, the echoes of justice reverberated through the streets of Atlanta. The Atlanta family, along with concerned citizens, marched from City Hall to the police department’s downtown headquarters, demanding answers and accountability following a fatal traffic stop.

The Incident

On Aug. 10, the life of Johnny Hollman, a 62-year-old deacon, was tragically cut short. Hollman was involved in a minor car accident when he was tased and later pronounced dead at the hospital. The Atlanta police department claimed that a struggle transpired before the tasing occurred, but the Atlanta family and the public are demanding the release of the footage1 that could shed light on the exact circumstances.

“The fact that a simple traffic stop would lead to the killing, the murder, of a father, a grandfather, shows that the city police is out of control,” – Kamau Franklin, Community Movement Builders organizer.

The Aftermath

The incident left the family and Atlanta citizens in shock and despair. Anitra Hollman, Johnny’s daughter, described her father’s final moments with heart-wrenching detail. She expressed her anguish at hearing her father in distress, begging for help and stating that he couldn’t breathe2.

The family has hired attorney Mawuli Davis in their pursuit of justice and transparency. The officer involved in the incident, whose identity remains unknown, was put on administrative leave3, in adherence to APD policy.

The Protest

On Aug. 24, the Atlanta family took to the streets, alongside fellow Atlantans, to protest against the incident and the police department’s handling of it. They marched from City Hall to the police department’s downtown headquarters, their cries for justice reverberating through the city.

The Call for Justice

The protest was not just about the tragic death of Johnny Hollman, but a larger call to address issues of social justice and police misconduct. The protesters held banners, chanted slogans and demanded the release of the footage4 of the fatal traffic stop.

The Public’s Response

The protest drew attention from both local and national media, shining a spotlight on the incident and the issues surrounding it. The Atlanta family’s plight resonated with many, leading to an outpouring of support and renewed calls for social justice and police reform.

The Investigation

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case and is currently reviewing the incident and the officer’s use of force. The APD has stated that they understand the importance of a thorough, independent investigation and have extended their condolences to the family and friends of Johnny Hollman.

The Memorial Fund

In memory of Johnny Hollman, a memorial fund has been set up, aiming to raise $20,000. Those wishing to support can donate here.

As we continue to push for transparency and accountability, let’s not forget that at the heart of this incident is a grieving family. Their struggle for justice is our struggle, and their pain is our pain. We must stand together, as one community, one city, one family, to ensure that such tragedies do not recur. – Anonymous Atlanta Citizen

The Atlanta family continues their fight for justice, demanding accountability and transparency. The city stands with them, echoing their calls for justice and reform. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the urgent need for social justice and police reform. We can only hope that such tragedies will spur us towards a future where every citizen feels safe, protected, and heard.