Homeless veteran Dalvin Gadson is brutally beaten by a white cop


On Oct. 9, a Black former Army National Guard helicopter mechanic named Dalvin Gadson was brutally beaten by police during a traffic stop in Atlanta, Georgia. Harry Daniels, a civil rights attorney representing Dalvin Gadson, is now seeking justice for his client. Daniels alleges that Dalvin Gadson was stopped by police for a minor traffic violation, and was then violently beaten and pepper-sprayed without justification.

The entire incident was caught on dashcam footage, which Daniels has released to the public. “What we see in the video is Mr. Gadson being savagely beaten by the officer,” Daniels said in an interview with CNN. “He was punched repeatedly in the face, he was kicked in the ribs, and he had his head slammed into the pavement.” Dalvin Gadson suffered serious injuries as a result of the attack, including a concussion and multiple broken bones.

Dalvin Gadson sustained serious injuries, including a broken jaw and nose. He was hospitalized for several days as a result of the attack. “This was a totally unprovoked and senseless attack on an innocent man who was simply trying to comply with the officer’s orders,” Daniels said. “Mr. Gadson did nothing wrong and he certainly did not deserve to be treated like this.”

Daniels is now working to hold the officer accountable for his actions and ensure that Gadson receives the justice he deserves. He has filed a formal complaint with the police department and is also considering taking legal action against the officer and the department.