Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs creates a new lane of lack financial empowerment with ‘Empower Global’


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The visionary Sean Combs, widely known as “Diddy,” has taken yet another stride in his relentless pursuit to uplift Black-owned businesses.

Introduction to Empower Global

Diddy has officially launched a digital platform known as Empower Global. This platform is a meticulously curated marketplace, aiming to be the largest online stage to spotlight top Black-owned brands across diverse categories such as fashion, art, and beauty on a global scale.

“My mission has always been to empower Black entrepreneurs and create more opportunities for them to access the resources, tools, and support needed to build successful businesses.” – Diddy, chairman of Combs Global

Mission Behind the Creation of Empower Global

Diddy’s mission has been consistent and straightforward – to empower Black entrepreneurs. He intends to create a robust ecosystem where Black entrepreneurs can access the resources, tools, and support required to establish and grow successful businesses. His goal with Empower Global is to create a platform that can continually uplift Black entrepreneurs, ensure that dollars keep circulating within the community, and make buying Black-owned products and services a lifestyle choice.

The Journey of Empower Global

The journey of Empower Global began in 2021. Diddy announced this initiative and began working on the final product that is now live. The platform was designed and developed by a Black-owned tech company, TechSparq, and received support from another Black-owned tech company, ChatDesk.

The Impact of Empower Global

“Empower Global is a transformative platform that embodies Sean Combs’ unwavering commitment to Black entrepreneurship,” said Tarik Brooks, president of Combs Global. The company, Combs Global, is thrilled to launch this initiative that showcases Black-owned businesses’ incredible products and talents and provides a gateway for consumers to support and uplift the community. Through Empower Global, they aim to foster sustainable growth and create lasting opportunities that will leave a positive and enduring impact on the Black economy.

Empower Global as Diddy’s Contribution

Empower Global is Diddy’s significant contribution to the revitalization of the concept of uplifting Black entrepreneurs. The platform is committed to keeping Black dollars circulating within the Black community, thus empowering the community economically.

Connecting with Empower Global

For more information about this innovative marketplace, you can visit the Empower Global website and follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


Diddy’s commitment to supporting Black entrepreneurship is evident in the launch of Empower Global. His unwavering commitment to uplift the community is embodied in the platform. This demonstrates that he is not just a strong advocate of all black everything, but that it is a lifestyle choice he lives by.