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Vaseline And Hued create a skincare product range For People Of Color. 

Vaseline and HUED partnered up to launch a skincare database for people of color. Yes! Vaseline and HUED decided to make it possible for people of color to find more reliable information about skin and skincare. They planned to launch an online database named “See My Skin.”  

See My Skin will help people of color, including all shades of black or brown, find information about the right skincare products and skin care guidelines from board-certified dermatologists. These dermatologists are available to assist those who have skin issues.  

Image-based findings demonstrated skin concerns unique to persons of African descent, Indigenous descent, and people of color in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, around six percent (based on image-based findings) exhibited skin concerns unique to Black, Indigenous, and persons of color, according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 

The CEO of HUED, Kimberly Wilson, believes that people of color are often overlooked in dermatology. That is why black people or people of color suffer from different skin conditions, including melanoma.  

For the first time, Vaseline and HUED are teaming together to create a database of skin care products for people of color. So, people of color get a platform to get accurate information directly relating to their skin conditions and skin health tips. All the information is provided by reliable resources to educate and provide people of color with the best skin.  

“See My Skin” is a platform that allows users to submit images of their skin conditions and get access to information about them and quality care. Moreover, it is an amazing platform for everyone to get educational resources and learn about different skin types. The professionals will monitor the user’s skin and help them take proper care of it. 

The idea behind creating a platform to make people of color seen and represented and provide them a place to learn and explore about their skin. Certainly, SEE MY SKIN is a great step in the right direction for people of colour.  

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