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Tycoons Steve Harvey, Robert F. Smith to provide scholarships to students at HBCUs

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As with the students at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the Harveys will pay it forward in a prominent manner.  

Collaborating with billionaire Robert Smith, Steve, and Marjorie Harvey will be working together to help students at the HBCU. According to sources from Black Information Network, Smith had already gained notoriety for pledging to pay off loans for Morehouse College grads. The trio will now expand the Student Freedom Initiative from nine to 29 universities. 

Commenting in an official statement, “We are delighted to help the work of Robert F. Smith and the Student Freedom Initiative to recognize the tremendous job accomplished by HBCUs and other MSIs,” Smith said.  

“Discussing and showcasing our kids’ remarkable potential in a more competitive global market is what we all want. Expanding the number of HBCUs in the Student Freedom Initiative program and collaborating with the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation are two critical milestones toward eliminating the wealth gap and having a long-term impact on the whole HBCU and MSI ecosystem.” 

Minimizing the need for high-interest loans, the group will offer funds for HBCU students through scholarships. “Paying it forward” towards the next generation of Students Freedom Program academics instead of having them repay their awards. 

According to Steve Harvey, “One of the most significant measures our community can take toward attaining racial justice is access to high-quality, affordable higher education.” 

Partnering with the student Freedom Initiative, colleges and universities such as Bowie State University, Fisk University, Norfolk State University, Shaw University, and others have offered students the financial resources they need to succeed. The primary goal is to expand the program beyond 29 institutions in the future. 

Adding to the report, Smith said, “We hope that more partners will join us in supporting what began with Morehouse College and has grown to include the entire ecosystem in search of a long-term, enhanced economic.”  

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