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The vote Casting Ratio of African Americans is the same as Americans, Says Mitch McConnell 

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Addison Mitchell McConnell, a famous American politician, is passing through his difficult time now a day. Mitch McConnell made an insensitive and questionable statement about the African voters of America.  

On an evening, Kentucky Republican Mitch addressed Capitol Hill when a journalist asked him to give his remarks about the minority black voters in America as black voters are worried that they will face difficulty during vote casting. Mitch McConnell smiled and replied, this concern is absurd! Statistics say that the percentage of African American voters is the same as American voters.  

Mitch’s statement about black voters put him in trouble, and he faced an adverse backlash from the other politicians. Bobby Rush tweeted, “Black Voters are Americans. #Mitch Please.” 

Diana DeGette of Colorado remarked that Mitch’s statement about black voters is absurd and disgusting! Charles Booker said that Mitch McConnell judges black voters based on their race, national origin, and skin color. He added that I am also a black voter.  

But being a black-skinned person, I am not less of an American. Talbert Swan made fun of Mitch’s statement and said, I am puzzled why Mitch made a ridiculous comment about African Americans. They are not different from Americans. 

Malcolm Kenyatta said it is disturbing to hear such comments about black voters in America. These kinds of statements show the true faces of the Republican Party and their views about African Americans. 

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