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The First American Cream Liqueur With A Nationwide Presence Is On Track To More Than Quadruple Its Revenue From 2020.

Cream Liqueur
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Unveiling a completely redesigned corporate identity, this Black-owned cream liqueur company has a national presence. 

According to a press statement, LS Cream Liqueur was inspired by the legendary, traditional Haitian drink known as “cremas” is on course to more than quintuple its sales from the previous year. Putting the founder’s unique family recipe in the current drinker’s hands is the company’s main objective. 

Remarking, co-founder Stevens Charles stated in an official press statement, “LS was inspired by my grandmother’s cremas recipe, which we’ve enjoyed at family festivities for decades.” Shaping a classic cream liqueur to make it more adaptable for cocktails and easy drinking, we captured the taste of cremas since the handmade version is often a thicker recipe. 

“Sharing those traditional flavors, we’re delighted to include a new design, with consumers throughout the country searching for a new premium spirit to raise a glass to.” 

Emphasizing the value of history and legacy on which the LS Cream Liqueur’s founded, the new and updated packaging incorporates aspects of the Haitian flag, such as the Haitian coat of arms and the triumphal palm. 

According to co-founder Myriam Jean-Baptiste in a statement, “We want to stay true to our Haitian heritage and the culture of cremas as a celebratory spirit while creating moments to drink LS all year long — adding a luxury touch to an espresso, mixing the liqueur into craft cocktails, and appreciating it in the traditional sense with friends and family.”  

Including Georgia, the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Maryland, among other places, LS Cream Liqueur is now available. Buying the alcohol online through ReserveBar, making it available in virtually all 50 states, is another option. 

The sleek, black bottle comes in minimalist colors and now has modern writing. 

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