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The city of Tulsa to be trialed for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre 

Credit: Jen Theodore

Tulsa, Oklahoma, will face trial for participating in the 1921 Race Massacre, which destroyed businesses and communities and maimed and murdered hundreds of Black inhabitants. 

On May 2, Judge Caroline Wall issued a ruling denying in part and granting the City of Tulsa’s move to dismiss the complaint. 

CNN reports that Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons and his colleagues at Justice for Greenwood can go on to the discovery phase. 

We have a great deal to demonstrate. And we shall verify it, as we can do so. Following the judgment, Solomon-Simmons said she appreciates allowing us the chance to prove that we have the required information to overcome a request to dismiss.” 

While locals slept, the white mob utterly demolished what the community had laboriously constructed. There are just three surviving descendants and survivors of the tragedy. Viola Ford Fletcher, who is 108 years old, is the oldest of the three known survivors. Those who advocate for a resolution want the improvements to be implemented while the three people are still alive. 

Last year, Oklahoma State Representative Regina Goodwin proposed a $300 million reparations plan for survivors. She was a descendant of Massacre victims. Nonetheless, the legislation must be passed. 

Goodwin exclaims, “Right now, we’ve got life,” as Attorney Solomon-Simmons and his staff begin to battle for justice. And we are thrilled—Attorney Solomon’s efforts and Simmons’s ingenuity to date showed positive results.  

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