Sir Polar Bear comes full circle with his fears and destiny in 2022

Understanding the power of belief and transformation  

The most powerful asset a person can possess is ‘faith.’ Believing in something that hasn’t come to fruition is the definition of ‘faith.’ Walking by faith, and no sight is easier said than done.  

Comfort zones are created around normalcy and consistency. People aren’t comfortable with change because it causes a faceoff between now and fear.   

Understanding the power of belief enables a person to optimize their talent. Life’s most significant risks have created generational leaders and impacted mankind forever. Seeing the future through a flawed lens requires Championship DNA.   

The human brain is the most marveled at and studied object by scientists worldwide. It’s mind-blowing to comprehend that every person contains the brainpower to change the world. It doesn’t matter your color, ethnicity, gender, or economic status; a child born today can cause a revolution.   

Sir Polar Bear identifies with his purpose in 2022.  

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Sir Polar Bear’s music reflects uncensored viewpoints, raw emotions, calculated musical brilliance, creative vulnerability, and epic innovation.  

Sir Polar Bear’s lyrics enable people to see their pain, passion, and future panoramically. Sir Polar Bear’s multinational music catalog emits an unparalleled euphoria. Sir Polar Bear music is consumed across 4 continents and 15 countries. Sir Polar Bear is the new face of artistic disruption in Generation Z music.