“Scenes” by Potter Payper features a dark visual


It was announced last Friday that Potter Payper would release his long-awaited album, Real Back In Style, an effort that features production by Chucks, Kyle Evans, Aaron Goedluck, Harry Fraud, Kieran Nash, R14 Beats, and more. The East London talent Potter Payper explained the meaning behind the title of the album on Instagram shortly before it was released.

“My slogan Real Back In Style isn’t just something I say to make myself appear like some super gangster, implying that I am more authentic than you,” he explained. „[It’s] the fact that I exist because I have the freedom to make choices that normal people wouldn’t have and live with things they couldn’t fathom.”

A new visual image was leaked this week (May 16) from the aforementioned body of work for the track “Scenes,” which is a GX and Kz-backed effort filled with cinematic raps about Potter Payper‘s haunted past, thanks to GX.

In the accompanying video directed by Troy Roscoe, the song’s subject matter is effortlessly coupled with the use of different scare movie tropes, including some that are common to classic movies like The Ring and The Shining. It all comes to a head during a proper jump scare towards the end of the film, where Potter Payper can be seen standing over the unconscious body, wielding an axe, twerking, and more before it all comes to an abrupt end with something that is quite definitive.