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Rap Lyrics that are being used in New York Courts should be Banned, Suggest JAY-Z, Meek Mill, and more 

According to Rolling Stone, JAY-Z, Meek Mill, Hov, Kelly Rowland, and others are trying to ban rap lyrics from being used in New York courts. They request lawmakers to pass a “Rap Music on Trial” bill. They said that this bill would save the song’s lyrics as evidence of an alleged crime. 

All the artists, including JAY-Z, Hov, and Mill, came together and raised this issue in front of lawmakers. They said that we made lyrics for entertainment and self-expression, not for being used as a court weapon.  

Lawyer of artist Hov added that we all came here to bring change about rap music used in courts. He said these lyrics should be admitted and recognized as a creative art like other creativities. Rap music should be banned from being used to get convictions in courts.  

JAY-Z, Meek Mill, Hov, and others said that we requested the government and lawmakers to protect our lyrics from being weaponized in the courts of New York City. They said that we were asking for our rights. Governors and lawmakers must protect the artists’ rights. Moreover, they said that we would never allow anyone to make fun of our art or to use our lyrics as a map for criminals. 

The lawmakers have taken this matter under consideration. But it needs full support from the Senate floor. 

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