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Lil Baby and Ed Sheeran team up for an updated version of “2step”

The British singer/songwriter released his fifth studio album, equals (or =), in October. It consists of 14 songs and spans a range of genres, a formula that has made Ed Sheeran one of the biggest music stars in the world. In its first week of availability, = (or Equals) topped the Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart, with sales of 118,000 and 139,000 albums, respectively.

According to Sheeran, he is currently working on a deluxe edition of = that should arrive sometime before the end of the year. Getting fans ready, today (April 21) he releases a remix of the standout track “2step,” a Louis Bell and watt collaboration in which he offers some insight into how he handles the highs and lows of a typical day mentally:

The upbeat number is given a boost by Atlanta’s own Lil Baby, whose bars tie into the song’s vibe and provide some real-world subject matter. Furthermore, fans can also check out a matching video for “2step,” which boasts synchronized dancing that will be sure to draw a few replays.

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