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Lemon Perfect’s $31 million Series A funding round includes Beyoncé as a major investor. 

Credit: Lauren Mancke

Lemonade became one of the year’s hottest buzzwords when Beyoncé released her sixth studio album in 2016. Even if the initiative’s name was a metaphor, the music icon has already made a direct investment in the kind of beverage. 

According to Forbes, Beyonce has invested in Lemon Perfect, a hydrating flavored lemon water business. The Atlanta-based company’s $31 million Series A fundraising round on April 28 included “substantial” participation from Queen Bey, according to the site. 

How Funding Changed Things? 

Yanni Hufnagel, CEO and founder of Lemon Perfect, expressed his gratitude to Beyoncé for joining the Lemon Perfect family. Then, he said, she’s a global icon with unmatched skill, spirit, and optimism.  

Lemon Perfect’s ascension to the top of the multibillion-dollar enhanced water category will be accelerated by her investment and the energy it generates. Other investors in this round were NNS Capital and Trousdale Ventures. 

What was Beyoncé’s Lemon Perfect Investment Strategy? 

She said she doesn’t usually like non-sugary beverages, but the Lemon Perfect was an exception. So, she decided to invest in a product that tastes wonderful and is nutritious and enables everyone to afford and access a better lifestyle. 

Involvement of Beyoncé 

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Beyonce and Rihanna had invested in Destree. It had previously been said by AfroTech that the two investors were part of Sequoia Capital China’s Series A fundraising round for the French ready-to-wear and accessories company. 

Additionally, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Gisele Bündchen, and more were also included on the list of icons. To convey the tale of one’s unique enthusiasm for colour, Destree employs a graphic and organised approach to convey the visual dissonances that it inspires and the Parisian but distinct style that it transmits. 

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