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Latifah’s real estate development company plans to build new low-income housing in the city where she grew up. 

Credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Queen Latifa is adamant about the need for new, affordable housing in Newark, where she was born and raised. Her real estate development company, Blue Sugar Corporation, has struck a deal for her. 

Queen Latifa believes everyone deserves to live in their community. She thinks that the city does not only belong to her but everyone. Since 2019, the Blue Sugar Corporation has been backed up by Queen Latifa.  

Queen Latifa is the co-president of this firm. Blue Sugar Corporation is a multihyphenate company and it has partnered up with New Jersey developer GonSosa Development.  

The company has decided to partner up to create an affordable housing project for people, which roughly costs around $14 million. The project includes around 20 three-family townhomes, a three-story building for multiple uses and additional 16 units.  

Moreover, there are plans to create a building for a fitness centre, a commercial space that will be of 1,900 square feet. This building will be rented to non-profits.  

Queen Latifa has joined the Rise Living development through her company to create a brand new mixed-use housing project that is affordable and at market rate in Newark. 

Both these companies will be setting up around 76 townhome units and a 1,900 square-foot space for a non-profit on Springfield Avenue.  

Latifa grew up in Newark. She played in Westside Park, and her family lived there. Her memories are full of this place. It inspires her to make everyone feel more proud of their identity and community, and that is why she decided to change the game for her town. The pre-leasing is expected to start in the month of July.  

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