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Google Celebrates The Pioneer Of African Sign Language Studies In Their Latest Doodle

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Honouring the 71st birthday of Professor Duncan Okoth Okombo by Google, in their latest doodle, was illustrated by Kenyan artist Joe Impressions. Ageing 66, Okombo’s contributions have pinned him as the founder of African sign language studies throughout his lifetime. 

Due to being raised during British colonial rule, Professor Okombo’s work was inspired at a young age. Growing in a small Kenyan island called Kaswanga, Okombo saw that the English language trumped his ethnic identity, driving his native speech to near extinction. Following the increased violence, the professor was motivated to ensure the hearts of his indigenous African heritage were not forgotten. 

Educating the next generation will be the solution to ensure the native language is kept intact. Pursuing a degree in Linguistics in 1983, Okombo published Masira Ki Ndaki, the first novel in the Kenyan language. Furthering his career, he became a professor of linguistics and literature at his former school, the University of Nairobi, where the Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) research project was born.  

Publishing 30 scientific publications, professor Okombo focused on the composition, vocabulary, and behavioral analysis of deaf Kenyans’ language. Considering his excellent library of educational materials led to the adoption of Kenyan Sign Language, used in schools, churches, hospitals, and the media. Earning the prestigious title of international president of the World Federation of the Deaf from 1992 to 1995, Okombo’s achievements would allow the deaf population to function more efficiently in society, securing previously unavailable opportunities due to language barriers.   

On Kenya’s Google home page, Okombo’s doodle joined the giant search features. 

According to Afrotech, google honored Jazz musician Hugh Masekela for his artistry and human rights activism. 

Celebrating Okombo’s birthday, We will never forget your contributions. 

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