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Ex-NFL Star Junior Siavii Found expired while Awaiting Trial 

Junior Siavii, an ex-NFL (National Football League) player, was found dead in jail while awaiting trial. Siavii was charged with gun and drug trading.  

Siavii was charged and arrested for possessing an illegal gun. Later he was accused of drug trading in Missouri. Siavii and his other 8 companions were charged with drug trafficking and imprisoned in jail. 

Siavii was waiting for his trial while he died. According to the Kansas City Star, Junior Siavii was not feeling well on Thursday. He was facing difficulty breathing. The prison employees gave medication to Junior Siavii, but he did not feel well. Later, the staff of the prison took him to the nearby hospital. Doctors observed the Siavii for a while and told them that he was dead! 

Siavii was a member of the National Football League. He was selected in NFL in 2004 by the Chiefs. He served for NFL for almost two years. In a football match, he got knee injuries, and he could not join football for two years. In 2009, he again started his career as a football player. 1 year later, unfortunately, he got a spinal cord injury. This injury ultimately pushed him out of the NFL, and his football career came to an end. 

Siavii’s family claimed that he had not died a natural death. They hired a doctor named Dr Michael Baden to know the cause of Junior’s death. Dr. said that I found some compressions on the junior’s neck. NFL star’s family is demanding to reveal the real cause of Siavii’s death. 

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