Black female MTA worker punched by white male investment banker


Almost 15 years ago, Jean-Francois Coste started working at Tocqueville Asset Management. The investment firm recently, suspended the 53-year-old Coste from his duties after a video of him punching a Black female MTA worker in the face went viral. The company announced its decision to suspend Coste on Sunday (Dec. 18). In a statement, Tocqueville said that it does not tolerate violence of any kind and that Coste’s actions are “inconsistent with our values.”

On Friday (Dec. 16), during the early hours of the morning, a drunken Coste entered the subway station at Coney Island where he came into contact with Tanya McCray who was taking her first shift at the MTA. According to the New York Post, Coste was verbally assaulted by McCray after nearly hitting her head. It was noted by police that McCray had been unfairly attacked by the inebriated banker for preventing him from using restricted areas, which resulted in the unwarranted attack.

Coste was struck in the face by McCray. He was explaining to her why he was not allowed to enter a section of the subway that was restricted to employees. MTA worker, who was occupied with her lunch box during the turmoil, managed to protect herself against the blows of the angry worker. After a thermos fell into the container, Coste suffered a black eye as well as scratches on the face. As indicated by a representative of Local 100 of the Transit Workers’ Union, the area of the bank where the banker was trying to access is not a public area.” According to the spokesperson, “he appeared to be drunk at the time of the incident.” As soon as she pushed the door, it clicked and locked, and as soon as he saw her, he punched her in the face at least twice.”

The company announced its decision Sunday (Dec. 18) after the white male investment banker was caught on video punching a black female MTA worker in the face. The video, which was widely circulated on social media, shows Coste arguing with the MTA worker before suddenly punching her in the face. He then walks away as she falls to the ground. The incident took place last week in New York City, and Coste was arrested and charged with assault.