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‘Better Than You’ by DaBaby and NBA Youngboy

Truth be told, NBA Youngboy and DaBaby are among the newest names in hip-hop today. In addition to each person’s personal characteristics and work ethic, the two combine to create a project that is unique and special. It probably seemed impossible that the two Baton Rouge and Charlotte giants would release an album together in 2022, but here we are! As DaBaby put it, this is the “collab of the century” and to be honest, many people are inclined to agree with him. The summer and spring seasons are the best time for DaBaby and NBA Youngboy stars to showcase their talents. On March 4, they released Better Than You, their highly anticipated album.

Having released several songs together over the last two years, NBA YoungBoy and DaBaby share a close musical relationship. A collaboration between the two artists resulted in the release of “Jump” from Dababy’s album Blame It On Baby in 2020. They later joined forces again on “Bestie/Hit” last month, followed by “Neighborhood Superstar” this month.

Additionally to working together well, the two young rappers are also close friends who seem to sincerely love and respect one another. A 2019 interview on the Rap Pack podcast showed DaBaby’s affection for NBA YoungBoy. During the conversation the name of his rap buddy came up. Dababy commented, “I know he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves for his work due to the stigma that surrounds him. His last project is crazy talented, if I may say so. The rapper who raps under the name “Red Light Green Light” even named YoungBoy as one of his favorite artists.

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